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20 Gallon Lye Storage Tank (Model LST20G)
20 Gal Lye (NaOH) Storage Tank (Note: Photo shows the Heated Lye Tank. The Lye Storage Tank will not include the Heater Box/Element)

20 Gallon Lye Storage Tank (Model LST20G)

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Your Price: $825.00
Part Number: LST20G
Capacity: Approximately 160 lbs 
Use for NaOH and KOH Solutions
  • Make enough lye solution for a day or for a couple of weeks
  • Master Batch if you prefer
  • Double Sealed Gasket
  • Industrial Grade - 18 Gauge, 304, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Incoloy 800 Sheath on Heating Element gives it a longer life
  • Heat Sensor (Thermocouple) is in your solution for fast temperature reading
  • Ball Valve ¾” (19mm)
  • Dimensions: 17” diameter by 20” high (432 mm by 508 mm)
  • Recommend Small Tank Stand (not included)
What's Included: Ball Valve, Molded High Temperature Lid

Note: (Heater Box, Thermostat, Element cannot be added later.  See Heated Lye Tanks here.)

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