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Bottle Labeler
Bottle Labeler

Bottle Labeler (Model Lab3)

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Part Number: Lab3
Bottle Labeler
  • For Straight Cylindrical Bottles, Containers and Jars
  • Container size 2” to 5” 
  • Web Width 6” maximum (label height)
  • Roll Diameter 8” or less
  • Operates from roll stock in any core size and from flat stock, stacked fan-folded stock, or right out of a printer
  • Label Orientation-Unwind direction #3 or #4.  Your printer will understand this
  • Apply Single Label or Front and Back Labels that are Alternating on the Same Roll
  • Made in the USA with Kaiser® Aluminum, ABS plastic, phenolic, brass and stainless steel (every Roller shaft and nut & bolt)
  • Approximate speed is 10-15 per minute
  • Operates with Crank Handle
  • Earth Friendly, durable, light weight, portable, affordable, easy to operate & maintenance free.
  • Anodized in Black

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