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Bucket Scale
Bucket Scale

Bucket Scale (ACC1224)

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Your Price: $375.00
Part Number: ACC1224
This Bucket Scale is a Must Have with its Large Stainless Steel Platform.  It will weigh up to 110 lbs (50kg) with an accuracy of 0.08 oz (2.25 grams). Remember there are 28.394 grams to one ounce.  It also is a counting scale with 9 memory functions!  Easily weigh your buckets of oils, boxes of handcrafted body care products ready to ship, etc. 

  • Large Stainless Steel Platform
  • High Accuracy for 110 lb Scale
  • Counting Scale to accurately pack your samples, bulk items, containers, tubes….whatever it is
  • If you need to count and weigh, the Bucket Scale is what you need. 
  • Tare Button, Rechargeable Battery and AC Adaptor
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Has AnyCal, Auto Calibration Software
  • Easy to Check Calibration and/or to Re-Calibrate within seconds
  • Programmable Auto Shutoff – turn off or on
  • Programmable Beeper to let you know when final weight is set
  • 9 Memory Functions

  • Stainless Steel Platform 9” x 13.25”
  • 110 lb (50k) Capacity
  • Reads in lbs and kgs.
  • AC Adaptor with Rechargeable Battery
  • Large LCD Height 0.5: (13mm)
  • Counting Memory Functions 

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