QUESTION: What kind of molds do I need to efficiently produce 2,500 bars of soap per week? 
The Manual Cutter Molds will easily do this for you. Assume for a moment that your bar dimensions are 3.25” x 2.125” x 1” thick. The Manual Cutter Molds would give you 312 bars each for this size bar. By pouring 4 molds twice a week, you would be able to produce 2,496 bars of soap. 

In the example above, the molds would be poured 13 bars deep (varies depending upon your bar thickness), so the Manual Soap Cutter would be required to cut the 39.2 lb blocks of soap.The purchase of a Manual Cutter includes 1 Manual Soap Cutter Mold. So, for a total of 4 molds and 1 Manual Cutter, the cost is $2,050, a savings of $945 for the same equipment from another well known equipment supplier.  

By allocating $0.50 cents per bar from your sales price, this equipment would be paid for in about 1.64 weeks with weekly sales of 2500 bars. One final and very important comment - If using 18 bar loaf molds, you would need to pour 28 loaf molds each and every day Monday through Friday. Using $75 as an average cost for a Loaf Mold, 28 Molds would cost $2,100 which is more than $2,050 for the equipment that allows you to pour twice a week! Having the right equipment makes good sense! 
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