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Pneumatic Soap Cutter Mold
Pneumatic Soap Cutter Mold

Pneumatic Soap Cutter Mold - Make 350 Bars

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Your Price: $325.00
High Production Soap Molds
Part Number: ACM
Make 90-120 lbs (40-52 kg), depending upon bar dimensions
Save Production Time, Reduce Labor, Earn Higher Profits 
  • Works with the Pneumatic Soap Cutter
  • Make 300-350 Bars at a time, depending upon bar dimensions
  • Molds for Very Large Production Soapers (Soap Makers) 
  • Pour thousands of bars per day with these molds
  • Build in high efficiency as you expand your business
  • Custom made based upon your wet cut bar dimensions
  • HDPE cutting grid- matches the loaf frame with your Pneumatic Soap Cutter
  • Still, do beautiful types of swirls in these molds
  • Great for CP, HP, Milk Soaps – Not for M&P
  • Pouring Depth is typically about 13” (33 cm)
  • Single Celled – 3/4” HDPE, Food Grade
  • Lining is recommended – Use our Mold Liners – coated both sides with silicone 
  • These molds are used by soap makers world-wide who make up to 250,000 bars per week
  • Take your business to the next step - Have Questions – Contact us
  • Send us your Wet (Freshly cut) Bar Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

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