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PVC Shrink Film 75 gauge

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Part Number: SW500-75PVC
PVC Shrink Film 75 gauge, 18" wide, 500'

PVC is known for its crystal clear, glossy, crisp look, its reflective shine, and high clarity. This film comes in Centerfold. (Film is two layers that is folded on one side and open on another. Tubular, like a pillowcase, sealed on both sides and open like a tube on the other sides.)

Our traditional PVC is FDA approved for direct food contact (not all PVC formulas are). Choose traditional PVC to prevent color bleed and smells escaping. This industry favorite is great for CD's, DVDs, VHS, candles and to over-wrap most packages on a variety of machines or equipment.

If you would like perforated film, please add that to the comments section of your order.

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