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Shrinkwrap System
Shrinkwrap System

Shrinkwrap System 18"

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Shrink-Wrap your Soap and Bath Bombs for just pennies with this great Shrink Wrap System.  

Appropriate for wrapping, packaging, re-packaging, and bundling. Great for wrapping 16-25 bars of soap at once as well as larger individual items, small gift baskets (12" high maximum). 

Choose from a variety of films, such as films that allow the scent to pass through and films that allow your products to breathe.

Your Complete 18" Shrink-Wrap System Includes:
  • 21" Free Arm Sealing Wand that is not attached to the system. Much more versatile and productive to use than stationary arm systems).
  • Special heat resistant pad and a cushioning pad that goes underneath the machine and on top of the sealing surface to be used to protect against any damage and to make sealing the film with the wand easier on less than optimal surfaces. A full 36" wide (rolls up for space-saving & storage!) giving you almost 3 times the working surface of other systems!
  • Professional light-weight dual-temp heat gun with high and low settings.
  • Extra Teflon Tape and Heating Element Kit
  • A film carrier/dispenser that supports and protects the roll of film, allowing it to be rolled out without spooling. There is a special dividing bar on the carrier that separates the two layers of film as you dispense it, so you're not fighting the static charge while trying to separate them.)
  • One Roll of Film of your choice
  • Instructional video that shows you how to set up and use the system, wrap your products, wrap your gift baskets and gives you many ideas we've picked up from our thousands of satisfied customers.

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