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HDPE Soap Slab Mold
HDPE Soap Slab Mold

Slab Molds, 90 Bar Mold

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Stainless Steel M&P Molds
Part Number: SM1512

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Slab Molds (approx 20.89 lbs)
¾” Food Grade HDPE Molds
Can Layer and Swirl in these Heavy Duty Molds
  • Makes about a 20.89 lb pour - 50% more than most Slab Molds
  • Depending upon bar dimensions, you can make 90 bars at a time (3.25" x 2" x 1")  
  • Impervious to Lye
  • Thick ¾” HDPE (food grade) makes this a Heavy Duty Long Lasting Mold
  • Why use molds that will not hold up?
  • Inside Dimensions: 15" Long x 12" Wide x 3.25" Deep
  • Can still be used after you move up to “large” production
  • Great for testing new oils, scents, colors, etc.
  • Make your equipment purchases a wise investment
  • Use Soap Loaf Cutter to Cut into bars
  • De-Mold in 12-24 hours depending upon formula
  • With proper care, will last for many years
  • Custom Sizes Also Available

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