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Soap Loaf Cutter
Soap Loaf Cutter

Soap Loaf Cutter / Soap Bar Cutter

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Soap Loaf Cutter
Part Number: CutLoaf

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Cuts Cold Process and Hot Process Loaves of Soap into Bars
Stock & Custom Sizes Available
Have a Long Loaf, No Problem – Cut and Slide
Handles any Length of Soap up to 4.25” high
Our Soap Loaf/Bar Cutters are designed to increase your efficiency by allowing you to cut a full 15" soap loaf with one cut. They work beautifully with any soap loaf length due to the curved handles. Our Soap Loaf Molds are perfect match for our Soap Loaf/Bar Cutters. Each were designed to last a lifetime saving you money.  
  • Increase your Efficiency to have more Time to Market your Products
  • Cuts any length of loaves
  • Cuts Multi-Bars at a time
  • Cut 15 one inch bars with one cut or 13 one and one-eighth bars, etc
  • Loaves cannot exceed 4.25" wide or 4.25" tall (108 mm x 108 mm)
  • Best Wire Cutter on the Market
  • Cuts your Loaves with durable High Tensile Wire
  • Not Designed for M&P Soap.  (Some softer formulas okay). NO guarantees for M&P.
  • Industrial Grade Cutter with HDPE Cutting Grid and Powder Coated Steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17” L x 15” W (431.8 mm x 381 mm)

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