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Manual Soap Cutter with Bar & Loaf Frame
Manual Soap Cutter with Bar & Loaf Frame

Manual Soap Cutter

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Your Price: $1,650.00
Part Number: CutMan
Includes Manual Soap Cutter, Loaf & Bar Frames
Ideal for Soap Makers who make approximately 10,000 bars per month
  • Cuts CP and HP Soap - Not for M&P Soap
  • Depending upon your bar dimensions, most customers can get around 300-315 bars per mold
  • We recommend staying within 35-45 lbs block range for this cutter
  • Beautiful Baked on Powder Coat Finish
  • Small Footprint – 18” x 18” (46 cm x 46 cm)
  • Loaf Frame Cuts Block of Soap into Loaves
  • Bar Frame Cuts Loaves into Bars
  • Cutting Frames have Removable Tension Bars so if you Decide to Permanently Change you Bar or Loaf Size, it is easy to do
  • Best when Cutting Table is Low – Knee high
  • Cuts CP and HP Processed Soap – Not for M&P Soap
  • Add Extra Cutting Frames & Mold for different Bar Sizes
  • Easy to change out Cutting Frames and Tables
  • Stock Sizes Available

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