The Soap-Market is Now Open!

We have exciting news! SoapersMarketPlace has been developing a website just for Soapers. This was part of our plan from the very beginning, hence, the word "MarketPlace" in our name. We wanted to help Soapers by providing a website to showcase and sell their products. We have been working on the website for over a year but now, finally, have it ready! We welcome you to join the new Soap-Market where you can list your products.  Buyers can contact you directly using the “Contact This Member” feature or they can choose to be redirected to your website or social media page for purchasing your products.

With the launch of the website we have four membership levels.  All 4 levels include a 6 month FREE trial.  The purpose of the 6 month free trial is to give Soapers time to populate the site with products.  Once we have a good selection of products on the site we will actively start promoting the website to buyers.  The faster we can get products listed, the faster we can start marketing the site to bring you buyers. 

We have a special deal just for Guild members too!  When you make select the level you would like to join, enter the coupon code and you will receive 15% off of your membership for life (as long as you remain a member of the Guild) but, hurry, because this coupon expires on May 31, 2021!  As an example, using the Guild discount on the Bronze level equates to $25.50 Per Year (or $2.12 per month) PLUS the first 6 months FREE.  Even the Platinum level is very affordable and combined with the Guild discount it is just $114.75 Per Year (or $9.56 per month) PLUS the first 6 months FREE.  Selling a bar or two of soap per month would cover the membership cost even at the Platinum membership level! If you are a Guild member simply contact us to let us know that you would like to take advantage of the Guild discount and we will email you the coupon code.  Please be sure to include your Guild membership number in your request so that we can verify your membership status.  Alternatively, you can find the coupon code in the eNews published by the Guild.

Please note, you will still have to enter your credit card information at signup. This is to prevent the bots and scammers from getting in. Nothing will be billed to your credit until the 6 month trial has ended. 

If you host soap classes or shows, there is also a free sign-up for you!  Look for the “Events Only” membership level.

We have a longer term goal to be able to allow you to connect your own shopping cart or PayPal account to your membership.  This would allow buyers to buy from you, directly from the Soap-Market website, with the proceeds going directly to you.  This is a costly add-on so it will be solely dependent on waiting for enough in the way of membership funds coming through to be able to pay for it.  

We hope you like the site!  

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