Over the Past 20 Years or so, I Have Helped Many Customers With Their Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Soap and Body Care Products. 

This was a Natural Occurrence Inasmuch as my Primary Focus was Assisting Soap Makers (Soapers) World-Wide with Their Handcrafted Soap and Body Care Equipment Needs at all Levels (Beginner through Large Production). It is Highly Probable that I Have Talked with Many of you When I was Representing a Different Soap Equipment Company.   

If you Need Contract Manufacturing or Private Label Assistance for Your Handcrafted Soap and Body Care Products, Contact us at [email protected]  

If You are a Contract Soap Manufacturer, Formulator or do Private Label, Feel Free to Provide Us With your Capabilities and Experience.   

Brokerage Fees are modest and not due until Client and Manufacturer have come to an Agreement.  Appropriate details will be provided.  

Soapers Market Place LLC


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